Friday, October 10, 2008

Rochester Shower

Last weekend Mark and I drove to Upstate on Friday night, the trip up and back were probably some of the easiest driving we've ever encountered on this route! Thank you for good timing, nothing worse than being stuck in traffic on a Friday night after a long week. My shower was Saturday at noon and my mom, sister and friend Cathi really out did themselves, especially in the food department! I think that we could have fed the entire town. Everything was fantastic and I got great gifts. It was so good to catch up with everyone. Here are some pics from my shower.....

A couple of my cousins (Courtney and Amy) and me before everything got going!

We played games....some people were nicer than others :)

Nana and Papa got the baby a ducky outfit!

GG crocheted the baby two blankets, here is one!

Amy, Carrie and Aunt Cheryl got the baby a cute "First Christmas" outfit :)

Then it was Olivia and Emmalee's turn. Liv's presents were way overdue, we were hoping that she'd be able to come to the American Girl Place store and pick out her own gifts. Instead she got a couple of books and PJs for her doll, and matching PJs for herself.
And Miss Emm will be 5 years old soon, and that means the Big Girl Birthday present!! She was so excited, she thinks Kit is the best.
On Tuesday I was 32 weeks, grow baby grow!

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