Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Hike at Jockey Hollow

It's 70 degrees on a Saturday in October and you are 8 months pregnant....what are you going to do? Going hiking of course :) We headed out to our favorite hiking spot near our house, Jockey Hollow, it's where Washington and his troops were stationed way back when. It is absolutely beautiful and Fynn had never been before. Both the pups were in absolute heaven!

Checking out the water....Fynn hopped right in!

Jakey and Daddy....so cute!

Some nice man saw us struggling to get a picture and offered to take a family picture.
It was a great weekend, and so nice to be outside. Sunday we started childbirth classes, wow, that some reality setting in!!! 33 weeks today, we'll get a picture tonight and post it. I'm ready to be done now :)

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